Water Enhancers

Spas can sometimes experience problems that sanitisers and oxidisers cannot deal with, such as: foaming, cloudy water that does not respond to shock dosing, staining and scaling. Anti-foam, clarifiers and stain & scale control chemicals are available to address these issues.

Boric acid is a very useful water enhancing additive as it helps to stabilise pH and increases the efficiency of other chemicals. It also gives the water a nice silky feel and prevents tangling of long hair. Bioguard Spa Velvet is 100% boric acid, and has the added benefit of giving a pleasant rose fragrance to the water.

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BioGuard® SPA Velvet is a multifunctional granular product that enhances water comfort, increases water clarity, improves the performance of other products and suppresses algae growth. 


  • Enhances water comfort and clarity.
  • Nourishes skin and hair.
  • Reduces incidence of skin and eye irritation.
  • Improves chemical efficiencies.
  • Protects metal surfaces and equipment, including the heater.
  • Storage and transport friendly.
  • Size: 1Kg
Spa Bioguard Velvet


BioGuard® SPA Defence prevents staining and water discolouration from metals, and scale build-up from excessive calcium. 


  • Prevents scale build-up.
  • Helps keep spa water clear.
  • Removes some fresh metal stains.
  • Protects spa surfaces.
  • Storage & transport friendly.
  • Size: 500ml
Spa Bioguard Defence


BioGuard® SPA Crystal Clear is specifically designed for clarifying cloudy water in spas.


  • Makes water clear and sparkling.
  • Concentrated formula saves time and money.
  • Easy to use.
  • Storage and transport friendly.
  • Size: 500ml


BioGuard® SPA Foam Go eliminates foaming in spas and pools with attached spas.


  • Eliminates unsightly foam instantly.
  • Ideal for pools with attached spas.
  • Can be used to treat foaming in ornamental fountains.
  • Suitable for treating overdoses of algaecides or vandalised pools and spas.
  • Storage and transport friendly.
  • Size: 500ml
Spa Bioguard Foam Go

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