Sanitising pool water treats bacteria, which can be harmful to people using the pool. Bacteria is caused by a wide variety of sources such as bathers, rain, dust, insects, hedgehogs and birds. Sanitiser levels need to be maintained to keep bacteria at bay and also as an aid in controlling algae.

Sanitiser is essential for maintaining a healthy pool.

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BG Smarter Sticks

Weekly Skimmer Sanitiser Application

BioGuard® Smarter Sticks, with patented Smart Guard technology, is a concentrated chlorine product designed to dissolve slowly and consistently in your swimming pool skimmer.
Smarter Sticks dissolve slower when the pump is off so that there is no wasted chlorine, unnecessary bleaching of surfaces, or equipment damage from concentrated chlorine “hot spots”. Smarter Sticks help to inhibit scale formation and corrosion in the swimming pool and in salt chlorinator cells, assisting efficient and economical performance.


  • Controlled-dissolving sticks.
  • Kills bacteria.
  • Prevents scale formation, corrosion and staining.
  • Dose and forget.
  • Ensure sparkling clear and silky smooth water.
  • Ensure year-round healthy water.
  • Stabilised chlorine compounds are not lost to the sun’s UV rays.
  • Size:  1.8 & 3.6Kg
Bioguard Smarter Sticks

BG Power Tabs

Chlorine Tablets

BioGuard® Pacific Blue Power Tabs are patented 160g pool tablets that provide optimum sanitation for pools, as well as having multifunctional capabilities to assist in buffering and clarifying pool water.


  • Ensures sparkling clear pool water.
  • Save money as up to 20% less product required than most other tablets.
  • Less eye and skin irritation.
  • Easy to use skimmer, floater or feeder application.
  • Storage & transport friendly.
  • Size:  1.6, 8 & 20Kg

BG Power Chlor

Daily Chlorine Granules

BioGuard® Power Chlor is a revolutionary patented product. Each co-compacted granule contains trichlor for killing algae and bacteria, chlorine-tolerant clarifiers for keeping water crystal clear, and water-enhancing agents to provide a silky smooth feel to the water whilst reducing skin and eye irritation.


  • Improves filter efficiency.
  • Less skin and eye irritation than many chlorinating products.
  • Easy to use, no pre-dissolving.
  • Concentrated so you use less.
  • Minimal impact on water balance, saving you money.
  • Storage & transport friendly.
  • Size:  1, 5, 10.2 & 18.1Kg

BG Swim Clear

Chlorine Granules

BioGuard® Swim Clear is a soluble stabilised granular chlorine suitable for both daily sanitation and weekly shocking.


  • Will not cloud water.
  • Completely soluble.
  • Excellent for small above ground pools.
  • Concentrated so you use less.
  • Storage & transport friendly.
  • Size:  1, 2, 4 & 10Kg

BG Swim Tabs

BioGuard® Swim Tabs are stabilised 200 gram trichlor tablets that can be used in automatic feeders and some floaters for constant chlorination.


  • 900g/kg available chlorine.
  • Totally soluble.
  • Slow-dissolving and long lasting.
  • Does not cloud pool water.
  • Steady release of chlorinating product.
  • Size: 2Kg
BG Swim Tabs

BG Swim Sticks

BioGuard® Swim Sticks are a slow-dissolving compressed trichlor sanitiser stick that can be used in automatic feeders and some floaters for constant chlorination.


  • 900g/kg available chlorine.
  • Totally soluble – no messy binders.
  • Unique compression method produces a more dense stick.
  • Unique shape for consistent, convenient chlorination.
  • Does not cloud water.
  • Slow-dissolving for steady release of chlorinating compounds.
  • Size: 1, 10 & 20Kg
Bioguard Swim Sticks

HM Liquid Chlorine

Liquid Chlorine

Pool-Treat Liquid Chlorine is used for the prevention of algae and harmful bacteria in swimming pools.


  • 100% Soluble.
  • Size:  5, 10 & 20L


The Nature2 Express pool water purifier is quick and easy to install unit that attaches to the plumbing of most in ground and above ground pool systems.  Your water will be softer and purer than any other pool water you’ve experienced, and the chemical balance will be more stable and thus easier to maintain.


  • Automatically disperses silver and copper ions that maintain water quality.
  • Maintains a stronger, healthier pH balance in your pool.
  • Reduces demand on chlorine levels.
  • Reduces stinging eyes and skin irritation.
  • No moving parts or electricity required.


To maintain optimal performance from Nature2 Express pool water purifier, we recommend replacing the cartridge every 6 months. Simply unscrew the lid to remove and replace the cartridge.

Nature 2 Express Silver Ioniser