Specialty Products

A range of products that deal with specific issues such as:

  • Chemically clean filter media to remove build up of contaminants.
  • Reduce excessive chlorine levels.
  • Clean salt cells without harming the cell.
  • Removing dead algae from pool after super-chlorination.

To order any of our products please send your order along with your address and contact details to orders@maurices.co.nz.

BG Filter Brite

BioGuard® Filter Brite restores the efficiency of pool water filters by removing scale and rust deposits, greases, oils and organic wastes, whilst sanitising the filter media or cartridge.


  • Improves filtration and circulation to help keep water clear.
  • Lengthens life of the filter.
  • Reduces maintenance costs.
  • Size: 250g
Filter Brite

BG Chem Out

BioGuard® Chem Out is a granular neutraliser that reduces excessive chlorine or bromine.


  • 1000g/kg sodium sulphite.
  • Reduces pool down time due to excessive chlorine and bromine residuals.
  • Does not affect pH.
  • For use in all types of pools.
  • Allows swimmers to re-enter pool faster.
  • Excellent problem solver in pools with high sanitiser levels.
  • Storage and transport friendly.
  • Classified as Non-Dangerous Good.
  • Size: 1.5Kg
Chem Out


BioGuard® Power Floc Maxi is a concentrated flocculant that coagulates and settles suspended particles to the bottom of the pool for easy removal with a vacuum.


  • Makes water clear and sparkling.
  • Excellent problem solver for very cloudy pools.
  • Settles suspended particles to the bottom for removal by vacuum.
  • Non-alum, polymeric cationic coagulant.
  • Concentrated formulation.
  • Suitable for all pool types.
  • The greater the amount of debris in the water, the faster Power Floc works.
  • Storage and transport friendly.
  • Size: 946mL
Bioguard Power Floc Maxi

BG Salt Cell Cleaner

BioGuard® Salt Cell Cleaner is designed to effectively clean chlorinator cells of scale deposits and other material without damaging the cell.


  • 348g/L phosphoric acid and 25g/L hydrochloric acid.
  • Also contains metal sequestering agents and detergents.
  • Removes scale build-up from salt cells.
  • Improves cell efficiency which prolongs cell life and reduces running costs.
  • Won’t damage cells unlike straight hydrochloric acid.
  • Size: 946mL
Bioguard Salt Cell Cleaner


Pool Treat Pool Floc clears pools thick with algae.


  • Easy to Use.
  • Great for persistently cloudy pools.
  • Concentrated liquid that quickly clears green pools.
  • Size: 2L
Pool floc