Protect your pool surfaces

From time to time metals, copper or iron, can be present in pool water and cause unsightly staining. The source of the metal can usually be traced to either the water used to fill the pool; some bores have metal contamination, or a metal object having been dropped into the pool. Products are available that can remove existing stains and remove the metal from the water. If the metal cannot be removed from the fill water then chemicals can be added to the pool to stop staining from occurring.

Scaling, the deposition of calcium from the water onto the pool surfaces, occurs when there is one or more of the following: high calcium hardness, high pH levels or elevated temperatures. It is unsightly and not good for the pool surface. Products are available that can remove this scale and can be used to prevent future scaling in pools where these conditions are likely to prevail, eg salt water pools with high pH (will also reduce scaling on salt cell plates).

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BG Pool Magnet

BioGuard® Pool Magnet binds iron, copper and manganese in the water to prevent them staining pool surfaces or discolouring the water.


  • Prevents discoloured water.
  • Removes unsightly staining.
  • Size: 1L
BG Pool Magnet


BioGuard® Quick Clear assists in restoring the sparkle and polish to swimming pool water. Particularly suited to removing suspended minerals and dead algae.


  • Makes water clear and sparkling.
  • Removes metals to prevent staining.
  • Improves filter performance.
  • Storage & transport friendly.
  • Size: 150g
  • Use with BG Pool Magnet to remove metals from water
Quick Clear


BioGuard® Salt Pool Stain & Scale Control is a liquid sequestering agent that prevents the formation of scale in salt chlorinated pools.


  • Liquid sequestering agent.
  • Prevents formation of crystalline calcium, magnesium and other water hardness ions.
  • Helps prevent scale build-up from high calcium levels.
  • Chelates iron, copper, manganese and heavy metals to prevent staining of pool surfaces.
  • Helps prevent costly repair bills.
  • Helps prevent serious damage to pool surface and equipment.
  • Removes many freshly deposited metal stains from surfaces.
  • Size: 1L
Salt pool scale control


BioGuard® Scale Inhibitor prevents the formation of scale from high calcium or salt levels.


  • Helps prevent costly repair bills.
  • Prevents corrosion of equipment and pool surfaces.
  • Size: 1L
Scale Inhibitor

BG Metal Go

BioGuard® Metal Go ensures your swimming pool surfaces remain free of unsightly brown metal stains usually caused by iron or manganese. Regular treatment with Metal Go prevents metal stains from becoming permanent.


  • 990g/kg Citric Acid.
  • Removes unsightly brown metal stains from pool surfaces.
  • Removes reddish-brown discolouration in pool water.
  • Useful for pools exposed to common sources of iron, such as fill water, rural water sources, fertilisers, debris or lesser quality salts.
  • Classified as Non-Dangerous Good.
  • Promotes clean pool surfaces and water.
  • Fast-acting, direct treatment.
  • Regular use will prevent permanent metal stains.
  • Compatible with all pool types.
  • Can be used as maintenance, preventative or problem solver.
  • Storage and transport friendly.
  • Size: 1Kg
Bioguard Metal Go

Easycare BEAUTEC

Easycare Beautec® is a maintenance chemical that gives superior scale, stain and scum control. Removes waterline calcium build-up on tiles. Cleans, protects and optimises salt cell output. Prevents iron, copper and manganese stains. Ideal for new pool start-up protection.

  • Provides affordable protection for pool surfaces.
  • Prevents future acid washing and tile cleaning expense.
  • Maintains clean tile surfaces without scrubbing.
  • Cleans and protects pool filter, piping, heater tubes, valves, moving parts and salt cells.
  • Controls high calcium and silica levels.
  • Advanced industrial formula – without phosphates and acids.
  • Size: 2L


Easycare Scaletec® is a problem solving chemical that removes calcium build-up without use of acids.

  • Effectively removes calcium build-up on pool surfaces, tile and equipment.
  • Cleans and restores pool and tile surfaces in just 2 to 4 weeks.
  • Stain remover and sequesters iron, copper and manganese metals.
  • Salt cell cleaner, protector, and helps optimise chlorine output.
  • Replaces hazardous acid washing method and costly tile cleaning.
  • Advanced non-acidic and ultra-low phosphate Synertec® formulation.
  • Size: 2L