the most cost effective solar system

Solar Pool Heating by Heliocol is the most cost effective solar system available. From small domestic systems up to Olympic pool type system, solar pool heating will return your investment within 1 to 5 years.

Nothing feels better than a full body plunge into a soothingly warm pool. Warm water wraps around you and relaxes every muscle in your body. The entire family will enjoy more time in the pool. Think about all the extra months of fun, exercise and sheer relaxation. A Heliocol Solar Heating system with patented Individual Tube DesignTM technology will bring you many years of safe, worry-free comfortable enjoyment in your pool.  Subject to location, seasonal variations and individual comfort needs, you could nearly double the length of your swimming season, as hundreds of New Zealand families have already found.

The panels, the fittings and the fixing system carry an unconditional 10-year warranty. Heliocol has a unique ceramic compound in the polypropylene mould that allows running salted water & highly chlorinated water at temperature up to 80°C without affecting the durability or the warranty.  All other components such as pumps, valves and controllers carry at least a 2-year warranty.

A combination of the unique multi-riser panel with the special alligator fixing system allows Heliocol to withstand wind forces of up to 190 KMH. Even large birds or possums will not harm the Heliocol panel array.  They are that tough!

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