work in cold or overcast conditions

Heat pumps work by capturing ambient heat from the air, similar to air conditioners but in reverse – heating instead of cooling and transferring the heat to the pool water.

Heat pumps use electricity to operate small pumps and fans. No gas or other fuel is used, which reduces your carbon foot print for a more environmentally friendly pool-heating solution. They are available in a wide range of sizes and models to suit most pools and budgets.

The great benefit of this technology is the very low running cost, in a side by side comparison a heat pump will cost around 60% less to run than a gas heater making them perfect for anyone that wants to have their pool available 24/7 365 days of the year.

One of their key advantages over solar systems is that they still work in cold or overcast conditions with some models able to cater for sub zero temperatures, as well as indoor installations. The other great benefit of this technology is the relatively low running cost. When used in conjunction with a solar blanket a small heat pump can cost as little as a few dollars per day to run. They are considerable cheaper to run than gas heaters and don’t require the sun to be shining to generate heat, making them the perfect solution for anyone that wants to use their pool for more than a few months of the year.

Most people find 28°C to be the ideal temperature, but you can experiment and find the temperature that best suits you. Will you use a pool cover of some kind? Using a pool blanket or thermal cover is the most effective way to retain heat within the pool water. Not using a pool cover will mean that you need to use a bigger (more expensive) model heat pump to achieve the same heat.

Depending on where you live, if you want to swim all-year-round you will need a larger (more expensive) heat pump. If you are looking for a season extender, then a smaller entry level product is usually a great option.

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