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Owning a spa can bring all the benefits of hydrotherapy to you in the convenience and privacy of your own home. Combining heat, buoyancy and massage, hydrotherapy has the power to make incredible changes to the way you feel. It has been a source of relaxation and healing for centuries, across various cultures. Today, at-home hydrotherapy can be part of a stress-reducing routine and a great way to spend time together; relaxing and rejuvenating body and mind.

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Sundance Spas

Select Series

Reduce energy consumption

The Select Series from Sundance® Spas, was designed to reduce energy consumption without sacrificing jet power. The result is spas that have high performance within an elegant design.

Family enjoying spa
880 Series Spa

880 Series

Hydrotherapy in an entertaining package

The 880 Series from Sundance® Spas are the ones that come to mind when planning a dream backyard. Stylish, technologically-advanced and feature-rich, each of the 880 Series spas takes the concept of “having it all” to a new level.

780 Series

Contemporary in design and function

The 780 Series from Sundance® Spas are built to last in the best Sundance tradition. Ideal for relaxing, reconnecting or recovering from stress and strain, a 780 Series spa also enhances your backyard with the sight and sound of water and light.

780 series
680 Series

680 Series

Feel better in so many ways

The 680 Series from Sundance® Spas allows you to take a moment to immerse in total relaxation. Peacefully alone or in the company of friends, find time to let go of stress and enjoy.

Leisurerite Spas

Leisurerite Spas

Functional, modern design

Simple, sleek and powerful, ergonomic and energy efficient. The new range of Leisurerite Spas combine technology and design to create a range of spas to suit every New Zealand home and budget.

Leisurerite Inspire Spa


Easy to install, lightweight, plug and play design

With unibody construction made from recyclable polyethylene that is virtually indestructible and the lack of a wooden frame, you’ll never have to worry about your spa rotting or warping from water damage

Swim Spas

Leisurerite Swim Spa

Focused on offering the ultimate in affordable comfort the Leisurerite range has a spa to cater and compliment any home or outdoor living area. Leisurerite Spas have been specifically designed and built for the Australian climate, using only the highest quality components sourced from the US, Canada, New Zealand and Australia that save on energy, reduce maintenance and extend the life of the spa.
Swim Stream 342


Complete Units & Cartridge Elements

We carry a good range of replacement elements in stock and advise customers to bring in their old cartridge to aid in selecting a replacement. The cartridge should be cleaned monthly using a degreasing cleaner (Bioguard Renew or SpaGard Cartridge Cleaner) to maintain filtering efficiency.

Cartridge Filters
Sundance spa cover


All our covers satisfy NZS 8500: 2006 Spa Pool Fencing standard and thus conform to local council regulations for spa pool fencing.

They are made using a durable, high grade vinyl and come complete with straps and locks (these features do not apply to Foam Covers).  We stock a highly effective Cover Cleaner that we recommend for keeping your cover looking like new and extending its life.

Spa covers are available for all the following types of spas:

  1. All Sundance spa and Hot Spring spa models.
  2. Lockable spa covers for all other brands of spas.
  3. Foam covers (suitable for inground spas).


We stock a comprehensive range of spa accessories such as:

  • Cover Cradles.
  • Steps.
  • Spa Vacuums.
  • Thermometers.
  • Booster seats.
  • Spa Brushes.
  • Water Wands.
  • Spa Pillows.
  • Spa Fragrances.

Just to name a few and for most brands of spas such as:

Sundance, Hot Spring, Hotspot, Tiger River, LA, Leisurerite, Signature, True Form and others.

Spa Accessories


Spa Control System

The programmable control system performs several important roles. Microprocessors continually check the spa’s functions – circulation, filtration and automatic shut-off of the jet pumps. Sensors ensure water temperature displayed is accurate to within half a degree. The display can be inverted to be read from both inside or outside the spa.

Ergonomic Seating

Ergonomic Seating – each seat is designed to maintain even weight distribution and correct posture when your body is surrounded by jet-driven water. Precision engineering ensures that the seats can accommodate a variety of body types, so you can relax into the seats of your Sundance spa comfortably.

A photo of spa Jets

Sundance like to say that they move water differently. Every jet is designed to produce a precise massage action. FluidixTM technology is so versatile that it allows Sundance to continue to introduce jets that tailor the type of massage to a specific area of the body. Each jet is positioned in the spa to maximise its effectiveness and can be adjusted to let you get the particular effect that you desire.


The sound of water is known to create a calm and soothing atmosphere. Waterfalls are fitted to all Sundance® Spas (except DenaliTM and TacomaTM) to promote relaxation and enhance your spa experience.

Water Filtration/Quality

Micro Clean Ultra Filter

MicroCleanTM UltraTM Filter – engineered exclusively for Sundance Spas, it is the industry’s first inner core design. A Sundance Spas’ exclusive, it establishes a new standard for robust, efficient water filtration.

  • 2 piece system has an advanced dual stage water filtration that is the ultimate in water filtration.
  • Outer filter is first stage that traps larger particles and is washable.
  • Variable density construction uses the entire depth of the filter to trap sediment and debris and results in higher dirt holding capacity.
  • 880 Series spas.
Micro Clean Filter

MicroCleanTM Filter – dual filtration process coupled with ClearRayTM water purification is more effective than those in other spas.

  • Filters from two directions: spa’s main pump pulls through the pleated filter and the 24-hour circulation pump pulls through the microfibre element.
  • Microfibre cartridge for ultra-fine filtration.
  • Second cartridge has a pleated, surface loading component that captures larger particles.
  • 780 Series spas.
ClearRay Filter

ClearRayTM – Water Purification System makes water-care a breeze, even reducing the amount of sanitising chemicals needed. The system uses exclusive UV-C light technology which means no gas, chemical or other by-product is added to the water or produced as a result. Treats 99.9% of waterborne pathogens.

Entertainment/Mood Setting:

Stereo System

The BluewaveTM stereo system option literally surrounds you with music – waterproof micro-speakers are built into the corners of the spa near the pillows.

  • Patented marine-grade premium quality stereo with iPod® dock and AM/FM radio.

Lighting is an integral part of your spa environment. Sundance enhances the textures of water with light and colour, while illuminating details that bring out each spa’s features. Water glows from the bottom up, starting with underwater lights and continuing with multi-hued lighted waterfalls. You can set the lights to one colour, or allow them to gradually transition through the spectrum.

Built in Speakers

Built-in speakers – optional on the 880 & 780 Series spas. These are positioned behind the pillows allowing optimal sound to increase your listening pleasure. This state of the art system is unmatched in durability allowing the music to play no matter what the weather conditions.


Allow all your senses to be invigorated with a Sundance spa – SunScentsTM Aromatherapy Delivery is available on 880 Series spas – drop a capsule of scented beads into the special recepticle and the Silent Air injector jets will create tiny bubbles of aromatherapy throughout the spa – heaven.


Engineered to run flawlessly

Sundance® Spas are engineered to run flawlessly, with proven reliability backed by a comprehensive warranty programme. Their commitment to excellence starts with their design and manufacturing teams, who are the most experienced and creative professionals in the industry. They are responsible for introducing a number of industry innovations, from the first electronic spa control system (1984) to the revolutionary FluidixTM bearingless jet design technology.

Quick Release system

Quick Release Service Door on 880 Series (except AspenTM and MaxxusTM) is provided to make access to the spa’s pumps and control box easy for when servicing is required.

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