Seasons Magazine September 2018

Pre-Season Pool Check

In this article we discuss and explain those things to check around your swimming pool in order to ensure you have a trouble-free pool season.

Now is a good time to get out around the swimming pool and pump shed and do a bit of checking in preparation for the summer season.  Inspecting the pool and its equipment and getting things fixed now will pay dividends by giving you a trouble free pool season, and it means you can get things done whilst the pool isn’t being used and there are no delays in getting service work done.  Wait until something breaks in the middle of summer and pool shops are busy and unable to get to you straight away, and the pool could go green and be unusable just when you want to use it the most!!

Here’s a list of things to check:

Pump:  pipe connections are tight, no leaks, pump starts readily and is quiet, basket in good condition, good flow of water around pool.

Filter:  pipe connections are tight, no leaks, handle turns easily and sits down fully, pressure gauge working properly, no leaking from backwash line under normal filtering.

Skimmer:  basket, deck plate, vacuum plate and weir door in good condition.

Salt water chlorinator:  salt cell is clean and in working order, control panel functioning properly.

Tablet feeder:  seals are in good condition, screen is clean and any flow valves work well.

Pool cleaning equipment:  brooms are in good condition, nets in rakes & scoops are free from holes, poles are straight and extend & retract easily.

Automatic pool cleaners:  function properly and cables/hoses are in good condition.

Fencing:  is in good condition, gates self close freely and latches function properly.

Heating systems:  solar pumps & control equipment and heat pumps function properly, no leaks from pipe connections.

Also, whilst out checking, you might want to consider upgrading equipment:

  • Salt water chlorination – automatically sanitises the pool and runs the pump.
  • Tablet feeder – easy way to sanitise the pool using tablets.
  • Automatic pool cleaner – negates the need for manual brushing!
  • Filter – change the sand and upgrade to glass media and get improved filtration.
  • Multi-speed pump – reduce your power bills.
  • Heating – solar or heat pump to extend the swimming season and get more out of your pool.

Beat the rush and organise your Pre-Season Pool Check with Maurice’s Pools & Spas NOW.  We can come and check over your pool and equipment, and provide a comprehensive report on its condition, and quote to carry out any repairs needed– call us below or enquire via the website.