Seasons Magazine November 2018

Conserve your pool water or suffer the consequences

In this article we discuss the importance of controlling water loss and explain the various ways in which water can be lost from your swimming pool, means for determining what is causing the loss and what to do to stop the loss.

Councils are now fitting water meters to properties and charging for every litre of water that you use.  Pool owners now need to be careful how much water they use to top up their swimming pools.  With sunnier and warmer days arriving, and the prospect of a long hot summer ahead, now is a good time to start thinking about ways to conserve water in your pool. So how do you lose water from your pool and how can you reduce this loss:

  • Evaporation
    • Fitting a cover will greatly reduce water loss when the water heats up through the summer months. A bubble type cover will also help extend your swimming season by trapping in the heat of the sun. So you get two worthwhile benefits from one investment.  A variety of types are available and samples are available at our showrooms so you can choose the right one for you.
  • Backwashing the filter
    • By changing your filter media to a glass type material you will reduce the time needed to backwash the filter. Glass media releases dirt and debris easier than sand and so reduces the amount of water needed to backwash.  Glass media is also more efficient at trapping dirt and debris, reduces bacteria build up and lasts longer than sand media; overall keeping the pool water clearer and easy to manage.  Give us a call to get a quote to change over your filter media.
  • Green pool
    • A green pool usually involves flocing the pool at some stage, and subsequent vacuuming to waste to remove the dead algae, which uses up a lot of water. By paying attention to your pool and carrying out regular maintenance having a green pool can be avoided.  Not only saving you the cost of the replacement water, but also the cost of the chemicals and your time to clear it up.  By getting your water regularly tested at Maurice’s Pools and Spas and following the easy BioGuard 3 step program (we can advise on this too) we can help you achieve this.
  • Leaks from pumps, filters, fittings, piping and pool structure
    • A small leak over a long period of time can lose a lot of water. To determine if the loss of water is due to a leak and not evaporation try putting a bucket onto the highest step, filling it to the same level as the surrounding pool water and see if both levels go down at the same or different rates.  Any difference will be due to a leak.  Give us a call and one of our service technicians will be able to find out where the leak is occurring.

With hotter temperatures predicted from climate change it is becoming ever more important to think about ways to manage your pool in order to conserve water.  Call into your nearest Maurice’s Pools and Spas store and discuss options with our helpful and knowledgeable staff – see you soon!