Seasons Magazine May 2019

What could you do with a Sundance spa?

In this article we describe a typical week owning a Sundance spa; from recovering from a rugby training night with the lads on Monday to having a quiet, intimate soak with your partner on Sunday.

Today, people recognize the benefits of a spa. The best spas, like those made by Sundance, can promote health and wellness with hydrotherapy.

Spa therapy works. Sit in a Sundance spa, adjust the jet flow, and feel amazing results; a sense of calm and comfort; pain relief; rejuvenation and increased energy.

But owning a spa is more than just this. A typical week with a Sundance spa:

Monday –rugby practise night – real bruiser tonight – invite a few of the guys back to the house to have a soak in the Sundance spa – warm water, good hydrotherapy and soon the pain has faded away – if they had their way the guys would be round every night!

Tuesday – Mum and Dad pop over for dinner and take the opportunity to use the Sundance spa to relieve the aches and pains that people gain as they grow older – they definitely feel years younger after a good soak!

Wednesday – kids have a few friends over and love to be social – the Sundance spa is a place they love to hang out with their friends and we know where they are and that they are safe.

Thursday – girls spa night – she loves to get a group of her close friends round – warm water, bubbles and a bit of vino and the gossip flows thick and fast!!

Friday – time to get ready for the weekend – a good spa session in the Sundance spa gets rid of the aches, pains and stress of the week’s work leaving me invigorated and relaxed – ready for a good night’s sleep and to enjoy and make the most of the weekend ahead – marvellous!

Saturday – family weekly soak – the generous seating in the Sundance spa allows all the family to be accommodated for a catch up – ideal time to find out what everyone’s been doing and re-connect with the kids and without the dreaded distraction of smartphones – they don’t work well in water!!

Sunday – time for an intimate soak with my partner, jets off, just the waterfall running – the gentle splash of the water under the stars with the one I love – ideal way to end the weekend.

What will you do with your Sundance spa?

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