Seasons Magazine May 2018

Putting your pool to rest for the Winter and waking up your spa

In this article we discuss the steps to put your pool to rest over the Winter months and what to do to wake up your spa for Winter.

Putting your pool to rest:

Early April promised a lingering Summer and then wham a cold blast put paid to the swimming season for most of us.  Once that pool temp goes below 15 degrees it’s time to work on resting your pool over the cooler months.

Leaving pools to go green and unbalanced can create more work and also be costly with damage that can occur to pool surfaces and equipment. A little maintenance over the Winter months reaps benefits –  so here’s a  quick check list to manage your pool  over the colder months  saving you both money and time.

  • Water Balanced – Ensures your sanitiser works efficiently.
  • Sanitise & Algaecide – Maintain a chlorine level of 1-3 Add your recommended algaecide treatment.
  • Clean Filter Media – Use Filterbrite to clean the sand or glass.
  • Filter Run Time – When water temperature is below 15 degrees  run for 4-6 hours a day.
  • Pool Cover – Make sure it is clean and put on to help keep leaves out of the pool. Plus come Spring and warmer days, your pool is heating up to take advantage of earlier swimming.
  • Salt Cell – Clean if required.
  • Baskets – Empty regularly – over filled baskets will break. Don’t forget the one at the pump end.
  • Debri – Remove regularly.
  • Equipment – Check pumps are running smoothly and check for leaks that could be as simple as an o’ring or gasket that needs replacing.
  • Basic Mtce & Vacuuming – At least every two to three weeks take cover off, if using one, brush sides, remove debri, vacuum if no automatic pool cleaner. Shock the pool and add your monthly dose of recommended algaecide.
  • Get your water tested Monthly.

A little work once a month will save your time and money.  Any repairs give our service team a call.

Waking up your spa:

Cooler nights and what better way to warm and soothe those cold, tired or aching muscles and joints. It’s now time to wake up the spa so let’s walk through a few steps.

  • Fill up spa, turn on and check that everything is working and heating okay – if not give Maurice’s Pools & Spas a call for a service technician to assist.
  • Turn on the jets to ensure that nothing has been hibernating in your pipes. If you do have a lot of particles or livestock coming into the water you will need to treat, then empty and fill again.
  • Make sure your filters are clean and in good condition. They do a lot of work in keeping your water filtered and clean.
  • Check your cover is in good condition and your locks are working – again at Maurice’s we can help with new covers and locks.
  • If everything is working okay – bring in a water sample for your fresh fill recommendation and receive your maintenance schedule.
  • Balance the water as per your water test recommendation and give  it a shock treatment.
  • Have your water tested monthly or as soon as you are having a problem maintaining crystal clear water.

Your spa is now ready for you to enjoy!