Seasons Magazine March 2020

Get back family pool time

In this article we discuss and explain the need for cleaning the pool on a regular basis is during the Summer, and the range of automatic pool cleaners that can help in this task so that you can spend more time enjoying the pool with your family.

The Summer continues, with hot, fine and dry weather, enabling pool owners to enjoy their backyard pool. But fine and dry weather combined with the windy conditions we have been experiencing can be a mixed blessing for trying to keep the pool clean. Dust and debris blown into the pool can make the pool look dirty, untidy and neglected. Algae spores get a free ride into the pool on the back of this debris, which can grow and make the pool green in no time. Cleaning the pool on a regular basis is therefore a must, and doing so in the most effective manner is always at the forefront of pool owners minds.

The solution is to use an automatic pool cleaner! These come in a variety of forms and prices to suit everyone’s pocket.

Suction cleaners – these cleaners attach via a hose to the skimmer and use the power of the pump to drive them around the pool, scrubbing surfaces and sucking up dirt and debris as they go. The dirt and debris are collected in the pool’s filtration system. Two types are available:

  1. This type utilises a “diaphragm” to “pulse” around the pool, depending on the pool geometry these can climb up the walls of the pool.
  2. The second type utilises a turbine to provide positive drive to wheels or tracks, providing a more effective method of ensuring the cleaner gets around the pool and climbs up the walls.

Robotic cleaners – these cleaners work independently of the pool’s suction system making them easier to use with no bulky hose to deal with. They are powered by low voltage electricity via a floating heavy duty cable connected to a control box located at the side of the pool. Depending on model they can have various cleaning modes and typically take from 2 to 3 hours to clean the pool’s walls and floor. They have an internal filter canister to collect the dirt & debris and are essentially likened to an underwater vacuum cleaner. Most models come with a caddy to store the cleaner and cable on. All these features make robotic cleaners very easy to use. They come as either tracked or 4WD wheeled versions:

  1. Tracked models –generally smaller, more compact models – tracked drive enables most obstacles to be overcome.
  2. 4WD wheeled models – less wear and tear on wheels than tracks – larger brush area – larger debris canister – larger wheels combined with 4WD will overcome most (if not all obstacles) – increased manoeuvrability.

Maurice’s Pools & Spas have a wide range of the above cleaners and staff with the expertise to help you decide what is most suitable for you and your pool. We look forward to you visiting our showrooms to find out more.