Seasons Magazine June 2019

Positive Results for our Bodies and Minds

In this article we describe in detail how a Sundance spa can help relieve the aches and pains for people engaging in one of our country’s greatest sports – rugby – running through a typical run-up to a big match.

Big game of rugby coming up this weekend; quarter finals of the local league. We need to be prepared both physically and mentally and in tip-top form, that’s where the Sundance spa comes to the fore.

Mid week practise – not sure what the coach had in mind but I thought he should have gone a bit easier on us so there is something left for the weekend. Lucky I have the Sundance spa and can invite the team back for a good soak; relax the muscles, loosen up the joints and reap the full benefits of the training. There are some good lads in the opposition and we need to be on top form if we stand a chance of beating them.

Game day – the lads don’t know this, but every morning before a game I jump into the spa and have a good soak for 30 minutes. Getting rid of any tension in my muscles and any unwanted thoughts in my mind; relaxing both my mind and body, getting me physically and mentally ready to give my best during the game.

Post game – good to get the team round for a post-match soak and a few beers, whether we win or not. Makes the celebration of a win that much sweeter or helps to drown the tears of a loss. Either way it gets rid of the aches and pains gained during the match and makes everyone feel better!!

Whether you’ve got a big game coming up or you’re juggling work and family, recovering from a joint or muscle injury or simply needing to unwind from the day’s stresses, spa hydrotherapy provides relaxation, healing effects and nourishing rejuvenation.

As Sundance jets massage muscles, joints and pressure points, the water’s heat dilates blood vessels to increase blood flow to sore or damaged tissue. Because the water’s buoyancy reduces your body weight by 90 percent, pressure on joints and muscles is virtually eliminated.

The Sundance hydrotherapeutic blend of heat, buoyancy and jet massage can relieve symptoms of arthritis and repair damaged tissue. Regular hydrotherapy can also be an effective way to calm frayed nerves and ease the symptoms of stress.

A new Sundance spa can provide the lifestyle enhancement you need to create a luxury spa retreat in your very own backyard, giving you style, comfort, durability, reliability and performance.

We are not at Fieldays, but we will be having some great Paddock deals on our range of Sundance Spas.  Avoid the cold, rain, mud and crowds and visit one of our showrooms in Cambridge or Hamilton.  Sit down with one of our experienced sales persons over a complimentary cup of coffee and find out which spa best suits your needs.