Seasons Magazine July 2019

Don't ignore your pool in the Winter

In this article we describe the steps you can take to prevent your pool going green over the Winter and some areas of pool equipment you may wish to look at upgrading.

Tips for stopping your pool from going green

Ignoring your pool during winter, may lead to costly problems during Spring and Summer. Allowing algae to grow in your pool can lead to an expensive and time-consuming clean- up come Spring; and can increase the risk of your pool going green during the Summer. Switching the pump off can also lead to problems with bearings seizing. Best to keep the pool running and free from algae all year round.

As well as keeping the pump running for 4 hours a day, dosing the pool with chlorine on a regular basis and balancing the water monthly, follow the 3 simple steps below for a sparkling clear pool this Winter.

STEP 1: Clean your filter with BioGuard Filter Brite to remove grease, scale and oils that cannot be removed just by backwashing your sand filter, or hosing your cartridge filter.

STEP 2: Use BioGuard Burn Out Extreme monthly, to destroy any algae spores that can cause the water to go green.


STEP 3: Sanitisers or oxidisers alone will not keep algae at bay. To keep your pool completely free of unwanted algae, use an algaecide monthly, like BioGuard MSA Extreme, or BioGuard Polygard Concentrate.

Check and upgrade equipment

With a bit more time on hand during the Winter, it is a good time to check the pool equipment and deal with any equipment upgrades that you may have in mind to make looking after the pool easier. Some ideas include:

Sand filter: if you have trouble keeping your pool clear and sparkling it is likely that the media in the sand filter needs changing. Glass media is the norm now, this lasts longer than traditional sand, filters more effectively and uses less water when backwashing.

Upgrade to automation: adding a salt water chlorinator takes away the need to regularly dose the pool with chlorine as this device combined with salt in the water does it automatically for you. Alternatively using a tablet feeder that holds a number of chlorine tablets will dose the pool with chlorine each time the pump runs.

Add a cover: 2 types of cover are available. Bubble covers that sit on the water and keep the heat in the pool, which are ideal for getting extra weeks swimming at the beginning and end of the pool season. Debris covers that stretch across the pool, which are fitted during Winter to stop leaves and other debris getting into the pool.

Visit one of our stores and have a chat with our friendly and knowledgeable staff to find out more about how to keep your pool looking good during Winter. Book now to get any equipment upgrades done before things get busy in Summer.