Seasons Magazine July 2018

5 Good Reasons to Buy a Sundance Spa

In this article we explain why buying a Sundance spa is a purchase you will never regret.


Making the decision to buy a new spa for the first time, or when you want a replacement is not an easy task.  To help you do this we have outlined 5 good reasons to buy a Sundance Spa that fit with the themes of this month’s Season’s Magazine:

1. Engineering excellence:

Sundance® Spas are engineered to run flawlessly, with proven reliability backed by a comprehensive warranty programme. Their commitment to excellence starts with their design and manufacturing teams, who are the most experienced and creative professionals in the industry. They are responsible for introducing a number of industry innovations, from the first electronic spa control system (1984) to the revolutionary FluidixTM bearingless jet design technology.  Full foam insulation between the shell and cabinet minimises heat loss, giving low power bills and supporting pipework to prevent leaks. Rigidfoam shell construction is many times stronger than fibreglass backed acrylic shells, ensuring a lifetime of trouble-free use.

2. Control:

The programmable control system performs several important roles and gives you ultimate control over the running of the spa. Microprocessors continually check the spa’s functions – circulation, filtration, and automatic shut-off of the jet pumps if a problem is found; saving potential damage to expensive equipment. Sensors ensure water temperature displayed is accurate to within half a degree so that you can have the water at exactly the temperature that suits you. The display can be inverted to be read from both inside or outside the spa to make it easy to use.

3. Comfort:

Ergonomic Seating – each seat is designed to maintain even weight distribution and correct posture when your body is surrounded by jet-driven water. Precision engineering ensures that the seats can accommodate a variety of body types, so you can relax comfortably into the seats of your Sundance spa.  Aesthetically sculptured shells ensure every time you open your Sundance spa it will look appealing to you.

4. Add value to your property:

Add a spa into your backyard and increase interest in your property when it comes time to sell – who can resist the allure of a hot tub – relaxing after a hard day’s work – easing muscle tension after playing sport – or just chilling out under the stars on a winter’s evening with family and friends – magical!  Make your family and friends the envy of you with a stunning Sundance spa gracing your backyard.

5. Peace of Mind Purchasing:

After sales service is something that is hard to determine when buying a spa.  Sundance Spas long and comprehensive warranties in conjunction with the fact that Maurice’s Pools and Spas has been in business for over 26 years will give you peace of mind when you buy your spa.  In addition we have a Mood Room in our Cambridge store where we have a number of spas filled and available for prospective customers to “try before you buy”.