Seasons Magazine July 2017

Why a Sundance Spa from Maurice's

In this article we discuss and explain the many features that are considered when purchasing a spa pool and the benefits of buying a Sundance Spa from Maurice’s.

You’ve made that all important decision that a spa pool is what you would like to add to your backyard.

So how do you go about finding the perfect spa for you and your family?  A spa is a spa after all – isn’t it?  Well is a car a car – if so why so many makes, models, features and price tags to match.

Think about your last car purchase and what boxes did you tick – what made you choose your family car? Was it on a dollar value or value for dollars?

If you were looking for value for your precious dollars, you no doubt took it for a test drive and it ticked most of your wish list boxes: style, comfort, performance, technology, efficiency, reliable brand, plus the all important after sales support.

The old adage still holds true – you get what you pay for.

Let’s take a look at what a Sundance Spa has to offer:


Luxuriously and aesthetically appealing rich acrylic spa colour tones and textures to compliment your outdoor entertainment area coupled with beautiful lighting to create the mood that you desire. Easy care surfaces for low maintenance.


Ergonomically designed seating provides total comfort to help you gain the full benefits of hydrotherapy and relaxation.  A variety of seating options with or without loungers enable you to choose the perfect seating arrangement.


Powerful jet pumps coupled with exceptional jet technologies and strategically placed jets provide maximum hydrotherapy, massage and reflexology where it counts. It’s not the number of jets that counts – its how good they are and having them in the right place.


Employing UV-C ultra violet light sanitation in the CLEARRAY Water Purification System and micro-porous elements in the Micro Clean filters ensures the water in your spa is kept sparkling clear and safe. SunSmart WiFi technology enables you to remotely control the spa so that it is at the perfect state for when you want to use it! Winning many awards for their innovative technologies; Sundance continue to develop and change the face of spas using modern technologies.


Sundance build in systems and components that reduce heat loss from the spa by utilising RIGIDBOND shell construction and full foam insulation. The full foam insulation completely fills the gap between the shell and the skirt to give the maximum insulation possible in a spa – other forms of spa insulation cannot match this. An additional thermal barrier – ECOWRAP – can be added to give the utmost in thermal efficiency. With a Sundance spa your running costs will be the lowest possible.

Reliable Brand

Since 1979 Sundance Spas have channelled over 35 years of craftsmanship into their spas and have grown to become the world’s largest manufacturer and distributor of acrylic spas. As testament to the quality of their spas their warranties are amongst the best available.

After Sales Support

Purchasing a spa from Maurice’s does not end at the gate. We deliver to your site and take the time to help you understand your spa. We continue to take the journey with you.  With over 25 years in the pool and spa industry Maurice has a team of experienced professionals from service technicians through to customer service specialists to help you with your ongoing spa maintenance and water management.

Why not take a look at our range of Sundance Spas and experience the difference.