Seasons Magazine December 2019

How to Look After Your Pool During the Summer

In this article we discuss and explain a few pointers to keep your pool water sparkling during the hot weather when the pool gets a lot of use.

Hot Summer weather can create problems for swimming pool owners, especially if a routine swimming pool maintenance program is not followed. Remember when it’s hot the pool gets a hammering and bathers add sweat, sunscreen and oils. This can turn your beautiful sparkling pool to hazy in no time.

Here’s a few pointers to keep your pool water sparkling:

  • At least once a week test your chlorine and pH levels and adjust them accordingly. Chlorine is far more effective if the pH is kept in the okay range of 7.4-7.6. and keeping your chlorine level at 2. Use more chlorine when it is hotter!
  • If using a tablet feeder or putting tablets in your skimmer basket/s keep a close eye on these and top up as required.
  • Adding Stabiliser (Cyanuric Acid) to the water acts as a sunscreen helping to hold the chlorine in the water longer. A must for salt water pools.
  • If your pool has had a hammering then doing a shock treatment in the evening will help to break down bather waste. We recommend using Bioguard Lite that oxides the water, brings back the sparkle and bathers can swim within an hour of treatment. (Not suited to all pools.  Please ask what is best for your pool).
  • Once a week give your pool sides a good brush to remove any biofilm build up that could lead to turning your pool when the conditions are right.  Ideal time is in the evening and before doing a shock treatment. Also make sure skimmer and pump baskets are emptied.
  • Hedgehogs falling into pools is quite common this time of year and if they perish then a shock treatment of chlorine is required.
  • Bring a sample into our stores once a month for a comprehensive water test and recommendations to keep your pool ready for use.  Bring in a sample sooner if you have a problem.

To put the above into practice and keep your water healthy, sparkling and inviting try using the simple Bioguard 3 Step Program that only takes about 5 minutes a week:

  • Step 1: Ensure healthy water—regularly chlorinate the water to kill germs and bacteria by using Power Chlor for daily dosing, Smart Sticks weekly in skimmer or Power Tabs fortnightly using an inline tablet feeder.
  • Step 2: Have sparkling clear water—shock dose the pool weekly using Lite, this removes wastes that cloud the water and reduce the effectiveness of chlorine. Importantly you can swim 1 hour after dosing.
  • Step 3: Prevent algae growth—weekly addition of specialty algaecide—this will ensure algae never get a foothold and prevent unnecessary and costly algae clean-ups.

The following are a few extra pointers concerning pool equipment from our service technicians:

  • Be sure that your pool pump is operating at least 10-12 hours per day.  Circulation and filtration is key.
  • If you have a salt system, be sure that it is turned up to the level that is needed.  Although all pools are different, we recommend that most salt systems be set to run at least 80%, if not 100% if the weather is very hot, with your pump running as above.
  • Be sure to keep your filter backwashed (or cleaned) regularly.

Try to think ahead about what is coming up in the week ahead. Are you having a pool party? Do you have a dog that swims?(this is equivalent to 50 people in your pool). Is it forecast to rain? Asking questions like this can help you to adjust your routine so that the pool stays clear and beautiful, and avoid cloudy water or algae turning your pool green very quickly.

For more advice just call into one of our showrooms, our staff are more than happy to help.