Seasons Magazine December 2016

Tips for healthy, sparkling pool water

In this article we discuss the Bioguard 3 Step Programme to give you healthy, sparkling and inviting pool water.

Last month we talked about opening pools ready for the Summer swimming season. This month is all about how to keep that water healthy, sparkling and inviting by using the simple Bioguard 3 Step Program that only takes about 5 minutes a week, along with a few helpful tips.

Step 1: Ensure healthy water

Regularly chlorinate the water to kill germs and bacteria by using Power Chlor for daily dosing, Smart Sticks weekly in skimmer or Power Tabs fortnightly using an inline tablet  feeder.

Step 2: Have sparkling clear water

Shock dose the pool weekly using Lite, this removes wastes that cloud the water and reduce the effectiveness of chlorine.  Importantly you can swim 1 hour after dosing.

Step 3: Prevent algae growth

Weekly addition of specialty algaecide—this will ensure algae never gets a foothold and prevents unnecessary and costly algae clean-ups.

Follow the above 3 Step routine and it will take less work and cost less to keep your pool looking good—giving you more time to enjoy it!

Some helpful tips:

When the heat comes on – make sure you are filtering and circulating your water for at least 10-12 hours per day. The more your pool water is circulated the less likely anything can settle and take off when the conditions are right. If the pool is heated you should increase running times earlier in the season.

Brush sides and dead spots once a week and empty your skimmer baskets –don’t forget to check the basket at the pump end as well.

As the demand comes on the pool due to heat and extra bathers – you may have to think about lifting your chlorine dose to cope. If it is really hot you may have to increase chlorine doses by 50%.

Once a month take a sample into Maurice’s Pools & Spas for testing to keep you on target – sooner if you start to have an issue.

We also have the latest in automation products to take the hard work out of your pool:-

Salt Chlorinators & pH Controllers

Switching to a salt pool is an easy step using a Zodiac Tri-XO – in layman’s terms you have a chlorine manufacturing plant in your pool shed that produces chlorine from salt when your pump is running and dispenses it into the pool.  These units can also be easily crossed over to mineral salts if you so wish without having to change your unit.  A pH controller can be easily added that keeps the pH at the ideal level.

Tablet Feeders

Add a tablet feeder – keep it topped up with chlorine tablets and when your pump & filter are running the tablets dissolve and dispense chlorine into the pool – a simple flow controller enables you to set the correct flow rate for your pool.

Automatic Pool Cleaners

Don’t have the time to always be out vacuuming dirt and dust out of the pool we have both suction and robotic cleaners to do this job.

As well as this you can also have the added benefit of a pool cover and roller system- the options are endless for working less and enjoying your pool.

For more advice just call into one of our showrooms, our staff are more than happy to help.