Seasons Magazine August 2018

Peace of mind purchasing

In this article we discuss and explain how to go about buying a big ticket item like a spa with the assurance you are going to be satisfied with your purchase.

Buying a spa can be a difficult experience – there are many models on the market these days and a bewildering array of different features between models.  Making the wrong decision is easily possible.  Unfortunately once you have taken delivery of your new spa, unwrapped it, filled it with water and jumped in only to find it doesn’t provide the satisfaction you were hoping for – it will then be too late to change your mind – there are no “Satisfaction Guaranteed or your Money Back” returns possible with a spa.

Spas are a big ticket purchase and you want to get it right first time – so how do you do this?

  • Buy a reputable brand – Sundance Spas have been designing and making spas for over 35 years – they know what works in a spa and what doesn’t – so you will have a spa that will give you just what you want – total satisfaction.
  • Deal with a reputable company – Maurice’s Pools & Spas has been in business for over 26 years – supplying spas to many happy customers throughout the Waikato in that time – a company does not stay in business for that long without doing something right!
  • Deal with staff who want to sell you a spa that is right for you – the staff at Maurice’s Pools & Spas are trained to find the right spa for you; by listening to what you want in a spa, showing you spas that are relevant to your needs, and explaining fully the various features in a spa so you understand what is right for you and what isn’t.
  • Try before you buy – uniquely to Waikato at Maurice’s Pools & Spas Cambridge store there is a private (mood) room stocked with 3 spas ready for you to try at your leisure – so you can experience exactly what the spa will be like before having to make that all important buying decision.

The spas at Maurice’s Pools & Spas may not be the cheapest, but remember the difference between spending a little and spending a lot is the risk in ending up with something that you won’t be satisfied with and you can’t take back.

Visit your nearest Maurice’s Pools & Spas store and experience Peace of Mind Purchasing when buying your next spa.