Seasons Magazine April 2017

Putting your pool to bed

In this article we discuss and explain what to do when the swimming season has come to a close and you need to prepare your pool for Winter.

Now that Autumn has arrived, and Winter is fast approaching, your pool usage has probably declined.

However, just because your pool has shut up shop for the season doesn’t mean you can forget about it… doing so might leave you with a green pool, a hole in your wallet and a big job come Spring in cleaning up the pool ready for use again.

So, how do you get your pool ready for Winter?

Firstly you need to keep up with your Summer programme until the water temperature drops below 15 degrees.  While we still have warmth in the sun – algae can continue to turn pools green in no time. Filter running time can be turned down to around 8-10 hours per day.

When the time is right:

Step 1. Clean it

During Autumn there is an influx of leaves so it’s important to remove all debris from the water, skimmer, pump basket and filters. If anything is left to sink to the bottom it can stain the surface and be a real pain to clean.  Also baskets that are not emptied regularly will perish and break from the build up and pressure. Brush the sides off the pool  to remove any film and vacuum the pool.

It is a good idea to give your filter media a clean to clear out any build up to ensure good filtration and circulation continues  to  happen throughout the late Autumn/Winter months.

Step 2: Chemical Treatment

Everything in your pool becomes more efficient with properly balanced water. You’re primarily defending against algae outbreaks, but the surface and equipment will also last longer.  Ensure the pool is well balanced, has a good chlorine level and adding an algaecide treatment to help prevent algae growth. Chlorines don’t work well for you, if the pool is not in balance- particularly your pH.

Step 3: Check over Equipment

Ensure the pump is working and there is no calcium build-up on the chlorination cell. Clean the cell if required. Check over tablet feeders and clean the bottom screen if required.  Check for leaks and have these repaired or give the team at Maurice’s Pools & Spas a call to do this for you.

Throughout the cooler months you’ll still need the pump, filter and chlorinator to run for at least 4 – 6 hours a day.

Step 6. Use your pool cover

If you don’t have one, it’s time to invest. A cover protects your pool from the elements and evaporation.  And let’s be honest, no one wants to be skimming and vacuuming when it’s freezing outside.  Plus come Spring and warmer days your pool is heating up to take advantage of earlier swimming.

Step 7. Continue basic maintenance

At least every two – three weeks a quick check on the pool will save you time and money come spring.   Cleaning up a green pool is not much fun.  “Client’s that have listened and changed to a Winter maintenance schedule will tell you they will never go back to letting their pool go over Winter”  says Maurice of Maurice’s Pools & Spas.

Something to consider in reducing the work load is an automatic pool cleaner.  Have a chat to the team at Maurice’s Pools & Spas about the best option for your pool- they have a full range of suction or robotic pool cleaners.

Remember a little work over Autumn and Winter will save you a lot of frustration and money come Spring.