COVID-19 Lock-down March 2020

Looking after your pool and spa during the lock-down

Below we describe the things to do to ensure your the water in your pool and spa is kept at its optimum and the equipment works well.

If you don’t have the specific chemicals described below you can use whatever equivalent you may have – the key thing is to keep and eye on these things.

If you require urgent advice Maurice and Cheryl Graeney are still available on the following mobile nos:

Maurice – 021-983-963
Cheryl – 027-284-7316
Please only use these nos for URGENT advice and be considerate of the time of calling.

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Autumn and Winter time are mostly about spas, but it’s a good idea to keep an eye on the pool as well. A few minutes each week spent on maintenance can go a long way to making sure the water in your pool and spa is at its optimum and there is nothing to impede the running of the equipment. Follow the steps below to achieve this:


  • Run pump for 8 hours winding down to a minimum of 4 hours in Winter – circulating the water is at the heart of keeping the pool clean as it enables the water to be drawn through the skimmer and pump baskets and the filter, which will remove leaves, dirt and debris from the water.
  • Clean pump and skimmer baskets – it can be surprising how quickly these baskets can fill up with the larger items that fall into the pool, by keeping them clean you will allow water to circulate freely and avoid the mishap of the pump running dry.
  • Check automatic systems – there is a lot more automation in pools these days and it pays to check it from time to time to make sure it is working correctly, a quick look at the control panel will give an indication if there is a fault. Also make sure tablet feeders are kept topped up and containers holding acid and liquid chlorine for chemical dosing systems aren’t allowed to run dry. Salt water pools should be topped up with salt.
  • Balance the water – by balancing the levels of Alkalinity (Bioguard BP100), Calcium (Bioguard BP300) and pH (Bioguard BP200 or Lo’N’Slo) you will increase the efficiency of your sanitiser and provide protection for the pool surface and equipment.
  • Sanitise – by ensuring the pool is dosed with a regular amount of chlorine (Bioguard Power Chlor or Power Tabs) and given a shock dose using Bioguard Burn Out Extreme once a month you will prevent the pool from going green. Addition of an algaecide helps with this also.
  • Remove any debris that falls into the pool as soon as you can and brush walls and floors weekly to stop algae trying to get a foothold – or employ an automatic pool cleaner.
  • Clean filter – backwash the filter regularly to ensure ware circulation is not compromised. Do this for as long as it takes to get the water running clear. Remember to put to Rinse before putting back to Filter.


  • Balance water – by balancing the levels of Alkalinity (Bioguard Spa Performance Up), Calcium (Bioguard Spa Shield) and pH (Bioguard Spa Aquality and Comfort Up) it makes the water comfortable, increases the efficiency of your sanitiser and provides protection for the surface and equipment of your spa. Alternatively Bioguard Spa Perfect Balance can be used to control all these aspects using a single chemical.
  • Sanitise – we advise using “The Rule of Thumb”: 1 teaspoon of Bioguard Spa Armour per person per ½ hour added after you get out will ensure a good level of sanitation to clean and refresh the water after your use. Carry out a shock dose once a week by using a larger dose of chlorine or using Bioguard Spa Purity. This oxidises the water and removes any residual matter, spent chlorine and nitrates, leaving your water clean and refreshed
  • Regular testing – test your pool water each week with a simple “Dip Stick”, which will give you a reasonable guide as to where the balance of the water is.
  • Clean filters – remove filter(s) each week and give a hose down with a garden hose. Each month soak the filter(s) in a solution of cartridge cleaner to remove any build up oils and grease.
  • Clean spa – scale and fats & grease can build up in the pipework, which will impede the flow of water through the pump and jets, causing the pump to work harder and reduce the hydrotherapy effect of the jets. Use a cleaner such as Bioguard Spa Swirl Away annually to remove this build up.