Super Bubble

Super Bubble Pool Covers come in 400 and 550 micron (thickness) models.

Both are available in Deep Blue (for maximum protection) and Pool View (transparent) colours

Features & Benefits

  • SuperBubble® Heat Retention:  
Means better heat retention, 13% better than standard blankets. Pool stays warm overnight so you can enjoy a longer swimming season. Warms pool water by 3 – 5 degrees and more in summer.
  • Deep Blue Colour:  
Darker Colours absorb more energy from the sun. Means that the pool water will heat 10% better than standard blankets. Means you will swim sooner for longer.
  • Energy & Water Saving:  
Saves up to 60% energy costs, limits heat loss, makes swimming more comfortable. It also reduces evaporation therefore cuts water use and saves on chemical costs
  • Exclusive SaltSafe® / ChlorSafe®Technology:  
The base of the bubble is up to 25% thicker than a standard bubble cover, so it is more resistant to chlorine. We would still recommend testing chlorine levels underneath blankets on a regular basis and turning down chlorine production on salt chlorinators when blankets are on for an extended period.
  • Stays on in high winds:  
The larger surface area of the bubble has a greater water surface adhesion. The blanket is more likely to stay on the pool in high winds and pool cleaners work better under SuperBubble blankets.
  • Extra-long lasting:  
The 25% thicker base of the bubble guarantees that the blanket will last longer. Peace of mind knowing that you have real value for money.
  • All Year Round Cover
: The SuperBubble Cover is a heavy duty blanket and is designed to stay on the pool all year round. Keeps your pool cleaner in winter and eliminates that “big annual clean-up” that takes DAYS to get the pool ready for summer.
Pool Cover and Roller

Thermal Cover

Suitable for domestic, heated pools.

Features & Benefits

  • Heat retention: If your pool is heated to 30 degrees it will lose up to 13 degrees overnight without a cover on, compared to just 3 degrees with a Thermal Blanket.
  • Substantially extends your swimming season – swim earlier in Spring and later in Autumn.
  • Reduces evaporation which cuts water use and saves on chemical costs.
  • Reduces condensation when used on an indoor pool.
Pool Cover and Roller

Debris Covers

Features & Benefits

  • Reduce maintenance and protect your pool from all debris. Best used through the winter months to stop twigs and leaves from fouling the pool water.
  • Helps to reduce chemical use
  • Tiny holes in the pool mesh allow surface water to drain.
  • Lightweight custom made to any shape
  • Available in navy blue and forest green.
Pool Cover and Roller


All rollers are ideal for all Bubble & Thermal Covers. Debris covers do not utilise rollers. All roller systems come complete with strings, clips, screws and caps.

Platinum Easy Roller:

  • Made from strong, light weight, long lasting marine grade anodised aluminium frame
  • Super strong alloy end plugs
  • Comes with wheels and easy drop pin brake system
  • Available with 5m, 6m or 7m (x 100mm) anodised tube & platinum roller ends

Cast Alloy Pool Roller:

  • Made in strong, robust alloy, powder coated white
  • Ideal for domestic use or commercial pools
  • Can be supplied with locking wheels
  • Also available with DULUXE stainless locking wheels
  • Available with 5m, 6m or 7m (x 100mm) anodised Tube & Cast alloy ends
  • Cast Alloy Ends can be powder coated in different colours (for an extra charge)

Stainless Roller System:

  • Premium range in stainless steel
  • Ideal for domestic use or commercial pools
  • Can be supplied with wheels
  • Available with 5m, 6m,7m (x 100mm) anodised Tube & Cast alloy ends
Pool Cover and Roller